What is the Connected Worker?

From supply chain systems to warehouse management discover why connected workers are the foundation of the factory of the future and how they improve your manufacturing operations.

The connected worker is a relatively new approach in manufacturing, designed to put the production operator at the heart of the multiple factory systems in operation.  

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Why Connected Work?

60-70% of factories do have MES systems, systems to manage quality operations and they normally have systems to manage maintenance and warehouse.

Although they have all these systems, they are specific to individual departments. Factories tend not to have a system for the operator or shop floor.

With multiple systems in place, it becomes very difficult for the operators to obtain quality information relating to the manufacturing process.

The Connected Worker can be seen as the missing piece. It is the technology that allows organisations to focus on the operator’s daily life by giving them the necessary manufacturing tools needed so that they can see all aspects of the manufacturing process in one place.

This will result in operators and shop floor workers being more aware of the entire process, which will increase productivity levels.

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How Does it Work?

When working on the factory floor there is no shortage of distractions. However, with the correct digital solution, organisations can connect their shop floor workers to the relevant information, services, and experiences needed efficiently complete manufacturing tasks.

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Benefits of the Connected Worker

  • Assign & prioritise tasks to individuals no matter where they are
  • Aggregate all work instructions and relevant knowledge articles in a single user interface.
  • Manage and register any deviations that may arise throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Suggest process improvement based on the knowledge base and historical data.
  • Share interface knowledge across the entire organisation.
  • Make continuous improvements in automatic practice within your manufacturing plant.
  • Unlock higher OEE and productivity rates.
  • Lower maintenance and safety costs.

Where do we Specialise

At Oleson, we are uniquely focused on IT/OT systems in manufacturing operations with strength in the regulated Life Sciences and Food & Beverage manufacturing sectors across the UK and Europe.

We have developed an extensive knowledge base and are ready to provide strategic advice/ implementation services to ensure your organisation’s solution is designed to directly drive your business needs.

If you want to know more about the Connected Worker solution, or wish to discuss your organisation’s current manufacturing processes, contact us today by email or reach out via LinkedIn.

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