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Don’t waste this crisis -> How do you come out of this stronger

Covid-19. It has been a tumultuous few months, and a lot has changed.  The dramatic part is largely over, now we  have arrived at “the new normal”.

The past two months have created new demands for your GxP manufacturing enterprise. There has been a huge scramble to make information and applications remotely accessible to the right people in their homes. This crisis has exposed the weaknesses and limitations of your IT infrastructure and your data architecture to a broad audience within your organisation. So what now?

“Digital Transformation or whatever you want to call it has never been more pressing. Don’t waste this opportunity for improvement”

Don’t waste this crisis. Now is the time to engage with your stakeholders to understand what they need from the manufacturing data systems. Now is the ideal time to rally support and build consensus for a new approach that gets away from daily firefighting and focuses on serving the business needs of the enterprise.

In its first phases this is a human and communication challenge as much as a technology challenge.

  • Proactively engage with your stakeholders to ensure you have understood what are their critical business needs – production, supply chain, quality, senior management
  • Adjust your IT and data strategy to get in to a position to be responsive to changing business needs
  • Build compelling business cases for you strategies and plans and communicate those excellently to consolidate support with your stakeholders

“The data journey – a companion on the road”

This challenge is about human communication and collaboration as much as about tech. We want to help you with these challenges whether with remote sessions to problem solve. Have a look at our  Accelerator  Workshops to engage with stakeholders to review and adjust data strategy.  This is something that we prefer to do with in person workshop but it can be done with remote collaboration tools. Reach out to your Hanley Networks contact for an initial conversation to see whether we can be of value to you