Whether it’s regulated manufacturing, mission-critical facilities, or energy-efficient buildings, we’re here to provide integrated solutions for successful operations.

We have developed our own knowledge and process to ensure your IT/OT systems directly drive your business needs. We are ready to provide strategic advice or specific implementation services. To deliver successful projects you can use our capabilities selectively to augment the capabilities of your own project delivery team. We have a vast amount of experience in complex capital projects IT/OT projects in manufacturing operations.

Specific areas of Focus:

Digital strategy

CIOs at major MNCs already have a developed corporate high level digital strategy for the next 3-5 years. In many cases this sets out a vision for the digital customer relationship based around the Gartner PACE layered application strategy or something similar.

It seems very clear that there is going to be huge investment now in transformation of the middle layer of manufacturing operations and supply chain to bring most operations functions digital and “cloud first”.

Automation and information technology leaders (AIT leaders) in manufacturing operations are challenged with deploying the applications and building the infrastructure required to drive the business objectives. This has to be quickly and effectively within the framework of your corporate digital strategy, plus corporate security policy, disaster recovery needs and compliance requirements – often whilst grandfathering an array of legacy technologies.

Our team of manufacturing AIT consultants have a great deal of experience of working on these type of projects in large and very large life science organisations. We can assist organisation is navigating these challenges in a structured and effective way. We have used our experience to develop methods and systems to support you and your stakeholders in advancing projects rapidly whilst smoothly navigating these challenges. If you think we might be of use to you in delivering better projects please do reach out for an initial call with our team.

Automation within Life Sciences and Data Centres

Technology teams must constantly adapt to the changing needs of the business. Oleson specialises in providing consultancy and implementation services for life sciences and data centres. Our role is to be a trusted companion, providing guidance and expertise to technology teams navigating the complexities of automation in life sciences and data centres.


In the realm of data centre construction, commissioning plays a pivotal role in ensuring the rapid and seamless operationalisation of facilities from day one. Oleson specialises in integrating commissioning seamlessly into project planning and delivery, ensuring efficient deployment and alignment with project objectives.

By identifying critical pathways and processes, Oleson enhances project collaboration to deliver superior outcomes in data centre commissioning. Contact our senior consultants to optimise your commissioning strategy and streamline project delivery.

Facilities Management

Oleson specialises in consultancy and implementation services for IT infrastructure and data architectures, serving as a trusted companion for technology teams navigating critical decisions.

Resilience & Security

Business continuity in manufacturing operations is critical – and quite complex. Oleson has strong specialist knowledge of addressing these challenges in complex life sciences and data centre operations.

We are happy to take on some or all of these challenges. Reach out for an initial conversation with our senior consultants to see if we can help.

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