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Data-Driven Strategies in Manufacturing - The Connected Worker Forum​

The way people work is being transformed by digitisation, especially in manufacturing and factory floor settings, where the connected worker is becoming increasingly prevalent. By digitising work instructions, the reliance on physical paper gets removed, and electronic audit trails and easily searched records are created.

The process of transitioning from a paper-based environment to a digital one where instructions, productivity tracking, and delivery take place is known as enabling the connected worker. This approach can dramatically improve productivity and staff well-being.

What is a Connected Worker?​

Connected (or augmented) workers use technology to bridge the divide between the physical and digital worlds. This connection enables them to carry out their work efficiently, communicate with others, and make informed decisions based on current information about their tasks and location.

Deloitte defines the term as:

“A connected worker is any person whose working life is changing due to digital and other technologies.”

The application of connected worker techniques is not limited to any particular industry but is applicable to field operations, service industries, pharmaceutical production, and manufacturing shop floors. In the context of smart factories and connected workers, Gartner uses this definition:

“The connected factory worker concept is a new approach to industrial efficiency. It’s as much a technology construct that changes how factory workers access information and knowledge to do their jobs differently, as it is a change management exercise that is rooted in workforce development, behavioural shifts and integrated continuous improvement.”

By implementing connected worker operations, each factory floor or frontline worker is equipped with the necessary tools, information, and authority to complete tasks efficiently and make prompt decisions to ensure maximum productivity.


Connected worker solutions are transforming manufacturing and other business sectors. Join us and our industry partners to gain valuable insights and contribute to an ongoing conversation that will shape the future of connected workers and smart shop floor solutions.

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